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This was primed to be the year of ongoing challenge for New Zealand businesses, and recent dialogue across our client portfolio does not dissuade this. A common theme is the continuing search for fit for purpose talent, the value of strong team communication channels and the ability to maintain organisational culture pillars.

At Pohlen Partners we recognise today’s organisational changes, and we are well placed in offering purposeful and agile talent acquisition and management for both our clients and candidates.

Introductions for 2022

We are excited to welcome two new consultants to the Pohlen Partners team, they offer a wealth of complementary skills and knowledge to assist you with your talent projects in 2022:

Ally Eastaugh’s career includes positions of executive influence within organisations and as a consultant. With Sales, Marketing, Commercial and Operations expertise, she will apply her experiences across aligned executive recruitment portfolios. Her organisational knowledge, fresh approach and deep understanding of the business landscape will be well utilised in your projects. For more information on her background visit here.

Christiana Dyke has worked in business functions that support a variety of organization operations, including recruitment, she understands the importance of these roles, skill sets and personal attributes that best suit. Her portfolio comprises Business Support including early professional career positions across HR, Marketing, Finance and more. For more information on her background visit here.

Market Insights

Market commentary globally and locally includes the following combined elements needed to maximise talent attraction in 2022:

Communication constantly and transparently will be an enabler for candidate engagement

Positive candidate experience, linked to the above, is a key to their engagement in a project

Tailored hiring processes (maintaining robustness) to reflect specific talent groups

Partnering vigorously with your external (and/or internal) talent sourcing team

Engagement with the ‘gig’ economy for specialist skills and resource on a contract basis

Clearly articulated employment proposition provides clarity of attraction

Offering hybrid remote working arrangements

Our commitment is to stay connected and supportive of our network, you are welcome to be in contact if you have any questions or would like more information for you or your teams.

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