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Our philosophy aligns with professional services firms.  As trusted partners, we share wisdom and expertise, strengthening your brand and contributing to your business growth and success. Although it's a tailored process the fundamentals are always beautifully simple.


It starts with listening and understanding. To reinforce your objectives and growth it is imperative we understand the project and position. One of our core competencies that sets us apart is our ability to evaluate, research and assess. This clarity helps us find the best possible candidate and it provides confidence to your business that the appointment process is hassle free with maximum impact.


Finding the perfect person is often tricky. Working with an executive recruitment partner who thinks laterally and has specialised skills and processes to find that new key team member is not only wise but also cost effective because we get it right. We are experts in engaging with top-tier candidates whose purpose aligns with your objectives. Although unique, our process is transparent, ethical and dependable. We do all the time-consuming work, making it easy for you to stay focussed on your work while we manage your project.


Our process doesn’t end with the appointment. We also pride ourselves on follow-up and evaluation to ensure the candidates we appoint are hitting their stride and your organisation benefits from high impact and growth. Our unique complementary services can help align what you need for your business with candidate satisfaction and fulfilment. We go this extra mile because we have witnessed first-hand the epic results when it’s a win-win appointment.

"We engage across industries, categories, functions and levels. We are curious to understand and highlight the unique aspects of every opportunity"

Pohlen Partners' recruitment solutions are based on collaborative partnering and communication, sharing all the information to enable informed decisions. 


We are experts in engaging potential candidates, then evaluating functional and cultural alignment for growth of the organisation and individual careers.  Each project is led by an experienced, commercial Executive Consultant who will partner with you throughout the project.  

We are pragmatic, offering insight relevant to today’s dynamic commercial and employment markets. To each project, we bring curiosity and courage to explore ideas, challenge the status quo and embrace original thought to achieve solutions.

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