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Our wider contribution to the talent strategies of New Zealand organisations continues throughout the employee life cycle.  It extends beyond recruitment, through development and growth, to positive exit. 


Customised to meet unique project requirements, available options include -

  • Career Transition, Redirection

  • Career Management and Development


Pohlen Partners realistic and constructive approach empowers career ownership and responsibility.  Those we work with are advantaged through our direct engagement with the employment market, knowledge of today’s preferred talent criteria and significant recruitment experience. This expertise enables relevant insights, fresh perspective and premium candidate positioning.


Our one-on-one dedicated consulting model is a point of difference; it enhances confidence and capability, towards career outcomes.  We bring available online resources to life making it meaningful for each person.


Flexible packages (individual, workshops, on-site support) deliver elements appropriate to the needs of each individual and to organisational objectives.



Local, Regional and Global Solution

As the New Zealand partner of the international organisation

Arborawe draw on global best practice. Your people experience

quality and consistency in delivery, customised to each location and

encompassing the Arbora spirit of curiosity and collaboration.


Customer Experience

Through her knowledge of candidates and the job market, she helped me to understand that I was actually a strong candidate and gave me some much needed confidence.  On a “nuts and bolts” level she also helped me to put together a killer CV, schooled me in how to read between the lines in job advertisements and how to present myself favourably in interviews.


I have been left with a more favourable position of my former employer than would have been the case had I simply been given a cheque and shown the door.  Given that in my role I have influence over purchasing decisions, and my former employer is a significant supplier to my new organisation, my positive separation experience has potentially brought tangible benefits for my former employer.


Pohlen Partners has been providing career transition services to our organisation for well over 5 years.  We trust them to offer a tailored service to our employees, in helping them find their next career adventure.  Change can be incredibly unsettling for anybody.  However, Pohlen Partners has helped our employees see the opportunities and possibilities that change can bring.


Your consultant is very knowledgeable and professional with a warmth that makes her very approachable.  At the same time as being a sympathetic listener, she has also supplied the practical feedback and information that I have needed.  I can thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who needs outplacement support.

For more information please contact Nicola Pohlen;

+64 9 3570570 or via to arrange a confidential conversation.


"Growing careers in partnership with businesses and individuals"

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