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Every project we engage with is beautifully unique. Providing recruitment solutions to such a diverse array of business needs is what drives us, it’s why we love doing what we do.


Simply finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for an employment opening is the age-old essence of recruitment. When Pohlen Partners began in 1995 this was our starting line. However, recruitment today has greatly evolved and to service this new complex tech driven market, we've evolved too. 


We were quick to recognise there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to finding the talent you need for the required impact. There is no cookie-cutter process that can accommodate the unique and particular requirements of your organisation taking into account results, culture and your immediate business objectives. This led us to develop our company to best serve both clients and candidates in their journey of growth. 

"Everything we do is largely bespoke.
It needs to be to find the perfect match that will help your organisation soar."

For over two decades our unique set of services has allowed us to make high impact appointments. We are specialists in a wide range of recruitment needs and executive search.  We source and recruit extraordinary talent, to build capability, enhance culture and deliver results beyond the expectations of the role.


Our tailored process begins with listening and understanding to make sure we recognise the objectives of your business, the culture of your organisation and the potential of the position to be filled. We also listen in detail to our candidates so that we can gain insight into their intrinsic career goals and passions empowering us to engage and inspire candidates, amplifying your brand, your story and your opportunities.

"Our promise to you is a commitment to excellence and cost-effective recruitment solutions which contributes to the growth and success of your organisation and the careers of your people."

It’s this listening and understanding that provides our high-calibre team with their unique depth and breadth of knowledge. We share commercial wisdom and insight, empowering your hiring managers to achieve successful and sustainable appointments towards your future workplace vision. 


We are committed to the career success of the candidates we represent and love nothing more than seeing them thrive and grow within your organisation. This is what we do. It helps your business grow, it helps our candidates grow and that’s how we grow.

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