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This policy covers but is not limited to, sexual harassment, equal opportunity, and discrimination in all forms. 

As a founding member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Trust, now Diversity Works, Pohlen Partners has long supported the principles and practices of equal employment opportunities as a means of ensuring that all job applicants and employees have equal opportunity to achieve their potential.  We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and reject discrimination on any grounds. 

Workplace diversity and inclusion is good business practice.  We believe that Pohlen Partners and our clients benefit from a diverse workforce.  We are committed to recognising and valuing the different skills, talents, experiences and perspectives of our employees and our candidates.

Environment and Values.

Pohlen Partners has developed a versatile healthy and safe working environment in which diversity and work life balance are foundation principles.  Diversity and respect for others is one of our four core values. 


We have long been a responsible employer and supporter of flexible working practices, job sharing, flexible leave and part time work.

Recruitment Practices.

We consult with employees to integrate diversity and inclusion into our business plan and business activities.  We are committed to sourcing the best available talent through merit based and fair recruitment practices and the observance of diversity and inclusion principles. 

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