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Pohlen Partners provides premium, customised recruitment and HR consulting to change-oriented organisations with a goal of creating a contemporary and sustainable workplace.

We do this through a commitment to continual improvement in:

  • Creating client workplace cultures that are effective and profitable over the long term

  • Careers that are congruent with individual talent and goals

  • Working with aligned organisations

  • Purchasing from ethical and sustainable suppliers

  • Supporting charities that provide education and add value to New Zealand’s future Pohlen Partners will continually improve our operating processes comply with all relevant regulation and reduce our environmental impact by:

    • Implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System to Eco Warranty standard

    • Reducing power consumption

    • Recycling paper, bottles, plastics

    • Minimising travel

    • Utilising internet – banking, mailing documents etc.

All communication with clients and candidates must reflect Pohlen Partners' brand and stated goals on sustainable workplaces and environments.

This statement will be reviewed annually at Pohlen Partners' Strategic Conference.

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