It’s no secret that recruitment is a people-based business. We are a passionate team, helping organisations and candidates to grow into their full potential. But that’s just the starting line. It takes more than passion alone to source the right candidates that can align and make the best impact on a business. 


It is a combination of traits that helps us create success; being informed, responsive, and transparent so both parties have confidence in us to drive satisfaction and success. 


Our team is also exceptionally knowledgeable. Across the whole team we have an incredible depth of understanding about different industries and business functions. More than that we are constantly striving to increase our knowledge and enjoy digging deeper to learn even more so that we stay up to the minute with 21st century workplaces in a changing world.


Choosing who we work with is also important as we simply can’t work with everyone. So we become active advocates for the clients and candidates we do work with. Not because we have to, but because we whole heartedly believe in them. This is the essence of how we collaborate. It’s also why we start with listening. The more we can understand, the more win-win relationships we can create.


Introducing you to our team:

Nicky Web Photo 2022.jpg

Nicola Pohlen

I’m privileged to collaborate with people in amazing organisations with interesting careers through whom the opportunity to engage with businesses and new roles is constant, providing stimulation and reward.

Ally photo 2022.jpg

Ally Eastaugh

Our consulting environment provides so many opportunities to make a real difference to individual careers, and the success of organisations which is a constant reminder of the value of my role.

Christiana photo 2022 3.jpg

Christiana Dyke

My role allows me to learn and be challenged every day, creating positive experiences and excellent solutions for our customers who are both candidates and clients.