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We are excited by the positive delivery and response to our career development module “Rapid Start”, which is offered in support of transition to new positions, for either internal or external appointees.  

Recognising the expectation to ‘hit the ground running’ for new team members, Pohlen Partners’ flexible, participant-driven programme reinforces internal on-boarding while bringing independent, external insight to contribute to new areas and learning, especially for a first leadership position.  “Rapid Start” is included as a separate module within our wider suite of career programmes, supporting development or transition (including outplacement

Tailored to individual and commercial objectives, elements can include –

Planning and Delivery – Balancing demands and deadlines

Effective Relationships – Engaging constructively with stakeholders and teams

Leadership and Influence – Building and celebrating high performing teams

Personal Brand – Leveraging strengths and opportunities for development

Engaging with our consultant offers a flexible approach in which areas of challenge and interest can be incorporated within the programme, identifying priorities for rapid contribution and success in their new position.

Please contact us to discuss the opportunity to invest in the success of your new or progressing team member through a Rapid Start programme.  




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