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As we look to the year ahead, themes and insights from the commercial conversations and employment market interactions we enjoy are shared with you as a valued connection.

Talent Availability

Although a perception of an active candidate market, talent combining critical technical and attitudinal capabilities continue in premium demand.  Candidates demonstrating a life-long learning approach, commercial focus and interpersonal strength have competitive edge in the employment market. 

Leadership Capability

With leaders required to be more generalist in their skill sets, leadership development to equip and align leaders with skills for specific business environments will likely continue to be a focus of people teams.    More organisations are open to distributed/multi located lead teams nationally and trans-Tasman, elevating attraction and retention advantage.

Sustainable Workplace Environment

Remote/hybrid working remains a topic of discussion - the trend is toward ‘manager-led’ discretion and arrangements with individual employees, rather than company-wide policies.  Culture and leadership is a key consideration for many candidates.

Companies are adjusting employee numbers for myriad reasons - rising business costs, revised operating models, global pressures, inferior hiring practice, technology introduction – often re-hiring for identified capability alignment.  Inclusion policies and guidelines continue to impact team and business alignment. 

Technology /AI

Technology investment for continual efficiencies also sees the rise of AI – potentially requiring leaders to be aware of, and mitigate, possible employee or customer tension, through elevated communication and effective change management.

Financial Results

Productivity for revenue and financial results remains a priority for leaders, balanced with maintaining customer experience and delivery - this is highlighted by consumers of services in an environment of rising costs, where perceived value /cost alignment is key.  Commercial interventions include adjusted business models, increasing workforce capability, engaging technology and adapting communications

We welcome feedback and discussion on any of these themes and look forward to engaging with you during 2024. 



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