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Beca Launches Global Recruitment Campaign for New Ventures

New Zealand-based Beca announces a global recruitment campaign to find outstanding entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in tackling climate change and biodiversity

Auckland, NZ, May 19, 2023 – Beca announces a global recruitment campaign to hire founding members for two innovative new ventures.

These ventures are funded from the Sustainability Services Innovation Fund (SSIF), a partnership between Beca’s New Ventures Accelerator (NVA) and its Advisory group. The Fund seeks to accelerate solutions to some of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. The fund is investing in the creation of two new ventures: Nature Positive and Net Zero.

Each venture seeks a Founder, Sales Lead, and Delivery Principal. The Nature Positive venture requires domain expertise in ecosystems, water quality, or environmental management, while the Net Zero venture requires climate change mitigation or decarbonisation.

This global recruitment drive offers aspiring entrepreneurs-in-residence the opportunity to build a business with international scope and scale, and the full support of a large corporate. Jeannine Walsh, Head of New Ventures Accelerator said, “Our corporate venture building activities offer a unique opportunity to build solutions that create impact. We are looking for people with the entrepreneurial muscle to take an idea from small to big!” Amelia Linzey, Advisory Group Director added, "Sustainable development is all about balancing the complex issues facing our world. Such issues extend right across environmental, cultural, social and economic domains. They are at the heart of the definition of growth and prosperity, and our purpose to ‘Make Everyday Better’."

Beca has partnered with Pohlen Partners in New Zealand and Australia to support the recruitment process. Job advertisements can be found here:

Founder Net Zero

Delivery Principal Net Zero

Sales Lead Net Zero

Founder, Nature Positive

Delivery Principal Nature Positive

Sales Lead Nature Positive

About The Fund

Launched last year, the Sustainability Services Innovation Fund (SSIF) is designed to accelerate solutions for organisation’s most pressing sustainability challenges. The fund empowers innovation and growth of services, products, and tools that successfully address serious sustainability issues.


For more information about these roles, contact Robyn Webb at

For more information about the New Ventures Accelerator and Advisory Group, visit their respective websites:



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