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Manufacturers are meeting talent needs through sustainable attraction and retention tactics

Pohlen Partners were a guest contributor at a knowledge forum for members of the Manufacturers Network.

It was refreshing to hear companies are creating success with:

  • Apprenticeships, Cadetships and Internships

  • Partnerships - with schools, Industry Training Organisations (ITO’s), recruitment firms

  • Development of a strong company culture and engaged workforce

  • Promotion of current employees

Challenges being navigated include:

  • Immigration requirements

  • Location preferences

  • Attitudinal behaviours with companies looking for mutual commitment from candidates

  • Length of time to recruit non-conventional technical roles

In addition to these themes the wide topics of conversation covered many further ideas and included both short and long term solutions.  The importance of integrating company, employee and candidate requirements when developing an effective talent attraction and retention strategy were highlighted. 

You are welcome to contact Pohlen Partners for more insights and market information on successful approaches companies are implementing; email Nicola Pohlen on to begin a dialogue.



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