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Recent months have highlighted to us the standout partnerships we enjoy with our customers, connecting individuals with career opportunities and organisations with exceptional employees to help them grow and succeed. Indeed, our purpose is to provide

Recruitment Expertise, Growing Business and Careers

We enjoy our role in helping businesses and individuals maximise their potential. With this in mind, we are sharing insights relevant in the current evolving environment, where defining and evaluating critical talent characteristics has even greater significance. Whether you are a leader recruiting for your team’s success or towards your own future career conversations, measuring and demonstrating future-focused attributes will impact results.

Attributes in demand -

  • Adaptive and inspiring leadership, building capability

  • Commercial, numerical and data literacy

  • Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial mindset

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Digital & Tech expertise

  • Curiosity, continual learning and future innovation

  • Positivity and resilience

We have positively impacted hundreds of careers in the past five years, and significantly more during our 25-year history. It has been a privilege to contribute to so many careers and we acknowledge the value these individuals have added at our client organisations.

For more information on our career services and recruitment capability you are welcome to contact Nicola Pohlen at



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