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In parallel with our careers’ portfolio available through organisational sponsorship, we acknowledge the elevated enthusiasm for personal career investment. Responding to this demand, our career coaching options for individuals encompass tailored market insights directly relevant to your unique objectives.

Active investment in your career provides advantage in a market influenced by:

* Changing capability requirements in the future workplace

* Competition for leadership positions

* Value of networks, visibility and online engagement

* A global perspective and increased mobility

You will benefit from our direct engagement with the current employment market and knowledge of today’s preferred talent criteria, balancing our recommendations with your personal flair.

Individual Career Clinic

A positive step towards clarity and structure in your professional development, this is a dedicated 90 minute career coaching meeting. Priority elements for focus will be selected by you, helping you shape your thinking and establish a framework for your planning, actions and career outcomes.

Investment: From $430.00 plus GST

CVs for Executives and Leaders

Engaging with you to refine and present your personal brand with impact, elevating presence and aligning with market expectations for leadership credibility.

More than a presentation of credentials, an effective executive CV will visibly demonstrate a 21st Century approach in commercial acumen, leadership expertise and communication strength.

Extending beyond a template model, we will collaborate with you to understand your objectives and unique message-to-market. Together we will develop your Executive CV which will be a foundation for your wider profile, potential Governance CV and a platform for enhanced interview performance.

We will contribute our expertise, but ensure your tone remains true to you, in your own voice.

Investment - $750 plus GST

For more detailed information contact Nicola Pohlen



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