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This prevalent recruitment tool enables both interviewer and candidate to gain a deeper understanding that is almost as effective as being in the same room.

Here are some tips to ensure you create a favourable impression.


Interview Preparation

This is the same as for a face to face interview.  Also have relevant information to hand on the company and position, a glass of water (you will be doing the talking) and a way to take notes.


Background and Lighting

Have a plain professional background; sit at a desk or table with no visible clutter.  Lighting needs to be from the front to ensure a clear image of you.



Place yourself at the computer so your face and shoulders are centred in the screen.  This can be achieved by sitting back, choosing a different chair, or adjusting the computer to the right height, possibly slightly higher than usual.  Test lighting and adjust position and location to ensure you appear clearly on screen.


Look at the Camera

You need to look at the webcam, which will provide direct eye contact with the interviewer.  If you focus on the image of your interviewer on the screen, you will appear to be looking slightly away from them.


Internet Connection

Choose the highest speed internet connection to enable the best quality of video and voice.  If possible, use a wired LAN internet connection rather than WiFi.


Practice Session

Do this with a friend; test the volume, the tone of your voice and make sure everything is working.  If you find the image of yourself in the bottom corner distracting turn it off or cover it with something.  Wear your interview clothes and ask for feedback.


Engaging with your Interviewer

Do this in a similar way you would if you were meeting them in person, starting with a connecting conversation topic in place of a handshake.  This may be indicating it is the first time you have been interviewed by online interview, or how its use has made the interview process easier.


Avoid Distractions

Ensure you are not interrupted by others at your location, close the door and create a professional environment.  Shut down other programmes on your computer, you don't want a beep every time you receive a new email.


Technology Issues

Should any occur, acknowledge it, whether it is your end or theirs, and decide how to proceed.  Have an alternative option such as a mobile phone to hand that will allow communication to continue.  Always have your computer plugged in so there are no battery issues.



Treat it like any other interview, do your preparation, speak clearly, maintain eye contact and answer the questions to the best of your ability then it will give you the opportunity for success.

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