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We’re keen to share with you our insights on the employment market, highlighting customer perspectives within evolving dynamics of the business and economic environment. The following are four of the themes which have been prevalent in discussions with customers in the year to date –

Regional (APAC) theme – Leaders and teams are under pressure to deliver financial results following two years of ‘disrupted focus’, requiring balancing talent needs with profitability goals. In aligning workforce structure and preferences with changing business models, an impact on the talent market is a shift to flexible solutions such as contract resource and collaborative partnerships.

Return on Investment (ROI) –- Recognising the business imperative to identify, recruit, develop and retain critical talent, there is increasing acknowledgement of recruitment as an investment. Interestingly, with L&D an accepted people investment, would recruitment not equally be considered an investment? Sustainable appointments and progression demonstrate the return on that investment and deliver competitive advantage.

Fluctuating talent market – The current commercial environment is leading to a mixed market, with an increased talent pool compared to the past two years and an easing of salary pressures. More candidates are entering the market, either through choice or through role disestablishments. The opportunity for businesses in growth phase is to benefit from this accessible talent capability.

We do perceive potential risk through a possible imbalance between senior level candidates and existing NZ roles. This sees some executive level candidates under-employed and potentially exiting New Zealand.

Career services – There has been a noticeable increase in requests for our tailored programmes, with organisations proactively supporting their people through change. Aligning with our global partners, we are seeing a trend to broader application of our modules, for internal career development and leadership capability coaching.

Within this employment landscape we continue to evolve, developing new products to enable delivery of relevant services tailored to specific customer groups and adhere to our purpose that remains unchanged -

Recruitment Expertise, Growing Businesses and Careers

We invite you to contribute your experiences and observations to the above topics with comments via



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